Explore the Beauty of African Hairstyles Reimagined

In this project I take a journey through the rich tapestry of African hair culture, where nostalgia meets modern and avant-garde creativity. Telling the story through the lens of African women and what hairstyle were favorites to them growing up, how important their hair is to them, how they believe hairstyles give a face lift and more.

Enjoy this showcase of the timeless allure of African hairstyles with a contemporary twist, highlighting the artistry and emotions behind these cultural treasures.


Hair lookbooks or “Hairstyle sheets” were common while I was growing up; this is something that many of us connect with…it's as straightforward as it comes. Each person can go to the salon, choose a style off the sheet to be made for them. In those days Pinterest wasn’t available as a place to search for ideas on what hairstyle to ‘rock’ next. These hairstyle sheets were the ultimate inspiration board.

This project draws its creative spark from these hairstyle sheets and the timeless fascination I have with vintage hair look-books and campaigns. However, it reinterprets these classic styles through an avant-garde lens, bringing forth a fresh, imaginative narrative.

The goal was to use Avant-garde artistry as a tool not only pay homage to the past but to transcend it, infusing it with a modern, artistic sensibility. You can call this project an "Avant-Garde Hair Chronicle" as it marries nostalgia with innovation, breathing new life into the beloved classics while showcasing the artistry possible with hair in a completely unique light.

Imagine the timeless elegance of classic and vintage african glamour hairstyles meeting the bold, artistic expression of today. The visuals are a fusion of vintage and avant-garde aesthetics with minimal but striking artistic details that not only evoke nostalgia but also challenge traditional beauty standards.

Do you have a unique hairstyle story to share? Join the celebration of this cultural heritage by telling us your unique story. I also hope that we would be able to expand on the Hair chronicles project in the near future; if you'd consider becoming a contributor or even a subject on our 'Hair Chronicles' project reach out via email or our social handles.

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