In the land of giants, beneath the sun's fierce gaze,

Lies wealth untapped, in subterranean maze.

Once a promise, black gold in the earth,

From dreams of plenty to struggles of dearth.

Pipelines like veins crisscross the land,

Yet at the pumps, dry nozzles stand.

A legacy of wealth, shadowed by strife,

Fuel lines stretch, mirroring life.

Years of plenty, where did they go?

To whispers of corruption, tales of woe.

Promises broken, leaders’ plight,

A nation's treasure lost in the night.

Generations born into the wait,

Patience tested, resolve innate.

From days of hope to nights of despair,

Fuel scarcity, a constant affair.

Still, the spirit of a people shines,

Resilient hearts, enduring times.

The current state, a mirror cracked,

Reflecting history, futures stacked.

Through the struggle, dreams persist,

In every queue, a silent resist.

For every hardship, a voice raised,

In hope that someday, we'll be amazed.

Nigeria, land of strength and song,

May your fuel flow, swift and strong.

From scarcity’s shadow, step into light,

A brighter future, within sight.

Words by Temidayo Johnson

Ever since I could read the newspapers my father used to buy, the headlines about fuel scarcity in Nigeria have been a constant presence in my life. Over 20 years later, these same headlines still echo through our daily lives, painting a persistent picture of struggle and resilience.

This enduring crisis inspired me to create the "Fuel Scarcity" editorial, a visual narrative that delves into the socio-economic and emotional impact of fuel scarcity on our nation. Through my lens, I aim to capture not just the challenges, but also the unyielding spirit of the Nigerian people as they navigate this recurring issue.

I love ambiguity and if the poem I shared is, then maybe I didn't do a good job. I wrote the narrative poem while I was thinking about this subject. I believe the images in this editorial tell the story that needs to be told but I added the poem because I remember very few newspaper articles that took this approach while reporting Also The poem narrates the story of Nigeria's fuel scarcity, detailing the transition from wealth and abundance to struggle and dearth.

It paints vivid images of the land, the pipelines, and the people waiting in line, capturing the atmosphere and emotional landscape. It explores themes such as corruption, broken promises, patience, and resilience, which are central to the narrative.

It has a clear progression, moving from the past ('Years of plenty') to the present ('current state') and ending with a hopeful look toward the future ('A brighter future, within sight'). It reflects on the socio-political situation in Nigeria.

I honestly don't think I want anyone reading to think about the causes and potential solutions to the issue of fuel scarcity because we all know the answers in my opinion. My goal is to tell a story about fuel scarcity in Nigeria, emphasizing both the hardships faced and the enduring spirit of its people.

This Editorial Project was made possible by all my co-collaborators, designer and all team members at KINGANDJOHNSON.

Editorial Credits

Styling by TSD Studios

Models Ochanya Ochijele and Adeoye Bankole


Makeup by Phabulousartistry

Styling and Set Assistant - Rhoda Briggs

Post Production

Color: @popestudios

Preliminary layout @artbyriky

Print layout @milliegraphy for KINGANDJOHNSON

Book Published by KVN STUDIOS