A Play on Selves

Inspired by Cindy Sherman and Vintage Asian Streetwear Lookbooks

Temidayo Johnson

8/15/20221 min read

I get inspired by a lot of things and for a while, I have heard the name "Cindy Sherman", I never bothered to check out what that meant. In the past month however I got to think of what I needed to do with an Idea that had been in my head for a while. The idea was based around a vintage lookbook I had seen that was of an asian origin but to refine this and make it my own I needed to seek more work to create something new from.

I watched a video where the work of Cindy Sherman was mentioned and it intrigued me to finally find out who this is and what the person's work is about. Cindy Sherman (full name: Cynthia Morris Sherman) is an American artist whose work consists primarily of photographic self-portraits, depicting herself in many different contexts and as various imagined characters. I viewed a couple of her works and her work "A play on Selves" caught my eye the most. A Play of Selves is a visual tale of a young woman overwhelmed by her various, conflicting alter-egos and her final triumph over self-doubt.

After digesting the body of work (the visual tale), I decided to use that as an added inspiration for my next visual project which I titled similarly to the work that I drew inspiration from.

Above and below are the resulting images. A Video that shows the making of the visual project, the inspiration for the visual piece is on instagram and is also embedded below.

A Play on selves Act 1 Image by Temidayo Johnson for KINGANDJOHNSON
A Play on selves Act 1 Image by Temidayo Johnson for KINGANDJOHNSON